ST. JOHN'S LODGE # 4 A.F. & A.M.


From The East


It is truly an honor to serve as master of St. John’s #4. The rich history of our lodge is something we should all be proud of.

 As a young boy one of the greatest pleasures I had was when I did something I was proud of & was able to show my mother, father, or someone else important to me. A few of my favorite sayings were “Look what I did” or “Come & see”. Those were the things, which I thought, were great accomplishments & deserving of sharing with others. As I grew older, I still reveled in the thought of someone being proud of what I had accomplished. Everytime someone said “great job” or “I’m proud of you” it gave me the initiative to not only try & better things I had done, but to better myself as a person. This is what led me to become a Freemason. I believed the people I knew as Freemasons were some of the finest people in my community. Not only were they accomplished in their professions, but upstanding citizens and pillars of the community in which we lived. I knew, from watching my family members, that a Freemason went out in the community & made a difference. Whether it be raising money for the widows & orphans, or simply doing good deeds for everyone around them, not just each other. They were the face of progress & charity for everyone to look up to. They were the standard that every other organization strives to be like.We are all proud to be Freemasons. We are quick to wear our masonic jewelry or put a masonic sticker & license plate on our car for everyone to see, but how quick are we to get out and make a difference as a mason? When is the last time you made a difference? As the years have gone by, I think we have all found it’s much easier to give than to do. I myself am guilty of writing a check for something instead of getting out there & getting my hands dirty. Please don’t misunderstand, I am very proud of St. John’s #4 for all the contributions we make throughout the year. We give more than most. I believe giving is one of the most important things we can do as Freemasons, I also believe doing is equally important. I think it’s time we get back to the Freemasons our forefathers wanted us to be. I believe we were all destined to make a difference in someone’s life by doing as well as giving. I believe that when we do more, people will see us as that standard we once were. I believe when we do more, more good men will become interested in joining our fraternity & we will grow exponentially. I believe when we do more, more of our brethren will join us at our meetings. Our meetings shouldn’t consist of everyone watching the clock to get out as quick as we can. It seems as though all we do is come in, read the minutes, send cards, pay the bills, & leave. Some people would rather stay home than to come to a meeting that doesn’t offer them something they can be excited about. I believe we have gotten stuck in a routine & have become a little too complacent. Let’s find a way to make Freemasonry exciting again. Let’s make Freemasonry what we once knew it to be. No one person can do it by himself. We all can play an important part of revitalizing St. John’s #4. This is my challenge to you this year. Think of ways to get involved again. Bring a small piece of Masonic education to share with our brethren. Call a brother who hasn’t been to the lodge in a while & invite him to come back to a meeting. Take the time to make a difference. Let’s once again be the shining light in our community. Let’s, once again, be excited to say,“Look what I did” or “Come & see”.

“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

Kahlil Gibran


Christopher Raines,
Master 2018