ST. JOHN'S LODGE # 4 A.F. & A.M.


From The East



It is an honor to once again serve as master of St Johns #4. I look forward to the great things we can, & will do together this year. This year I would like for us to reflect upon our responsibility and ask ourselves if we have the fervency and zeal that distinguishes us from our ancient Brethren. Are we following someone else’s expectations by doing the same things the same way year after year? Our meetings should be inspiring, interesting, and creative, not just come and open the Lodge, read the minutes, pay bills, close, and go home. Our Lodges must distinguish themselves from other fraternities or clubs by creating an experience that Brothers perceive as worthy of their time and effort. We should ask ourselves, do we have a good agenda of Masonic activities planned for our meetings such as inspiring Masonic speakers, a good program of Masonic Education readily available for our Brethren to enjoy and learn more about our great Fraternity. I challenge each of you this year to learn more, or teach another something important about our great fraternity. If you have an idea for masonic education, or have a subject you would like to learn more about, please speak up & let myself, or John Lee know & we will try to accommodate you.
Remember brethren, we must live up to the duties and responsibilities which we voluntarily took upon ourselves as Masons. We come of our own freewill and accord. We are not invited into the Fraternity. We knocked upon the door for admission. We are to live our Masonic principles before the public and in our everyday life. If we do this, we will make a positive impact on others. At first, they might seek admission just for the fraternal association but if they see we have something to offer them that is beneficial to daily living, they will see our Fraternity in a different light and seek admission. If they do let’s give them the best fraternal experience we have to offer. And finally ask yourself: “Have I given the Fraternity my best?”


Christopher Raines,
Master 2017